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Diffusion Furnaces

Innovation, Experience and Reliability


PC-MUX Control System with new GUI interface for TMX controllers

The TMX control system is and has been the industry standard for furnace control for over 30 years. There have been five generations prior to the latest TMXPC version which uses the PC-Mux as the user interface. All TMX systems, the TMX 9K, 10K, 12K, D-MUX and TMXPC, have a similar architecture employing an independant control system per process tube and a multiplexing computer as the main user interface referred to as the Mux. The PC-Mux is the latest version of the Mux controller and is built around an industrial quality PC platform. The system offers the following standard features:

•High quality industrial rack mount computer

•RAID 5 hard disk array for secure data

•All major functions can be accesses from the main operations screen

•Configuration screens are easy to use and based on previous generations, obviating the need for re-training

•Graphic user interface with easy to interpret stack and tube status graphics •Extended recipe editor (XRE) with advanced editing functions

•Compatibility with all existing TMX recipe types

•On screen display of logged messages which can be filtered by date, time, tube and event type

•Text sensitive search criteria event log data •Easy to use log printing using standard Windows print options

•Data collection of all main parameters and batch data, including temperature, gas flows, load/unload, power and events

•Plotting of historical batch and real time data

•Export of data to CSV files •DVD writer for back up

Horizontal Furnaces


•3 & 4 stack systems for volume production

•Small footprint R&D systems

•Automation options

•Industry standard TMX control

Vertical Furnaces


T-Clean Wet Benches


Special applications, Porous Silicon Processing.