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High Energy Contamination Control Floor Mats



TechTrak Floor Mats are the most advanced contamination control mat for the clean room.  The high tack polymer ensures complete decontamination from foot and wheeled traffic prior to entering the critical environment.

Mat and tracks 700.gif


  • Lower particle and bacteria counts
  • Environmental savings – replaces dirty adhesive peel off mats, reduces landfill waste and eliminates energy used for manufacturing and shipping consumables
  • Greatly reduces airborne contamination
  • Proper placement of TechTrak  mat eliminates cross contamination threat
  • Polymer surface is comfortable to walk on
  • 3 steps or wheel rotations on the mat provides 100% particulate and bacteria removal
  • Large, unavoidable contamination control areas for complete decontamination
  • Continues to work after multiple steps in same area without becoming saturated
  • Will not pull booties off
  • No adhesive carry over into the critical area
  • Eliminates hazards of foot baths
  • TechTrak mats can be recycled
  • Extremely cost effective
  • No special cleaning supplies required
  • Cleaned and documented under your scheduled cGMP’s
  • Eliminates ordering, shipping, warehousing and replacement of adhesive peel off mats


Gray mat.gif